Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Thoughts on GLUE!

There are so many types of glues on the market these days; E6000, Glossy Accents, hot glue, Elmer's glue, glue pens, Goop, Aleene's, etc. So, which ones are the best for the various mediums we use? I was working on a project for Scrappingcarol's 1000 Subscriber Challenge, and I had a bit of trouble getting a few embellishments to stay put. I know that N-E-V-E-R happens to anyone else! :) So, it got me to thinking about the types of glues and what they are good for. So, here is a bit of advice from a small bit of research and experience.

E6000 is good for gluing heavy or bulky objects to just about anything. It does have an overpowering smell and there is a bit of drying time needed. However, the bond is quite strong.

FabriTac is an excellent permanent glue for fabric and almost everything else. It is a bit like hot glue in a bottle. It is a wet glue, so there is a slight drying time. There is virtually no fumes, and I find it quite useful for many applications.

Hot glue is a big help for a lot of mediums. It does take some time to cool, but the hold is pretty good. I have found that extreme temperatures may alter the adhesive properties, so if what you are gluing down is going to be in the heat or cold, try something else.

Glossy Accents is a great adhesive for paper to paper, small embellishments, and jewels. This is a bit pricey to use as an every day glue, but it does dry clear and holds extremely well. I wouldn't use it as my go to glue for paper to paper projects, but in small amounts, it is a super strong glue.

Aleene's Tacky Glue is an amazing product. It works extremely well for paper-based applications. I would probably not use it for heavy embellishments, but it does dry clear, so it is very versatile. It has a thick consistency, and it is a wet glue, so there is a bit of play time with it if you need to re-position something or change your mind about what you want to stick something on. I prefer the original version over the clear gel version.

Elmer's glue is a great all purpose glue for small projects or children's arts and crafts. You can thin it down and use it like ModPodge or DecouPage, but I wouldn't use it unless you absolutely have to. It is a good paper to paper adhesive, but I would prefer to use something else.

ModPodge is an excellent glue for decoupage or paper to paper adhesion.

DecouPage is a thicker decoupage glue. I would prefer to use it over ModPodge.

Matte Medium or Gel Mediums are good for mixing with other types of  mediums such as paint. I would not use it as an all purpose glue. I have used it in place of DecouPage when adhering lace trim to projects, but I prefer to use it as an additive to paints.

Tombow or Green Glue is a very tacky glue. It is a lot like Aleene's but it is a bit thinner. If you used a thinner applicator tip on the Aleene's, I bet the results would be the same for the two glues.

So, those are my thoughts on glue! I know, more than you ever wanted to know about glue!

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  2. Great research done there and interesting reviews . Informative reading TFS
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